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fitness Training

yoga & Mobility practice

yoga & Mobility practice

If you want to start your FITNESS journey, I will design a Personalised Training Program based on your goals & needs to get a stronger, fitter & healthier version of you.


yoga & Mobility practice

yoga & Mobility practice

yoga & Mobility practice

If your interest is mobility & flexibility through YOGA you will discover a Hatha & Asthanga based practice that will help you gain knowledge of asanas, improve your posture & body alignment and learn to move with your breath. 


When I was 18 years old, I started my fitness journey at Gold Gym where I met the PT who inspired me to pursue my physical strength and wellness. 

Discovering the potential of my body and how good daily exercise felt, training soon became part of my life.

Later on I discovered the practice of Yoga and found it a perfect complement to my fitness lifestyle: weights building my strength and endurance and Yoga developing my mobility, flexibility and mental wellness.

Having a strong and balanced body & mind is something we all need to live a healthy and happy life.

I learn Fitness & Wellness is not a trend but a long-life path and I am here to share with you and help you go through your journey together.


1-1 Personal Training + Group Fitness + TRX

I believe Yoga & Fitness are 2 disciplines that perfectly go hand in hand in our modern times. 

Flexibility, Mobility and Strength are much needed in the sedentary life style we currently live.

As a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and TRX Instructor I take exercise as celebration of what your body can do if you put your mind on it! 

Physical Training does not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude and your mood!

Come to train and dare to take the next step to a happier, stronger, healthier and more energised version of yourself!


Yoga For ALL

Yoga is for everybody! It doesn't matter if you are 'not flexible' or are completely new to it, the practice of Yoga goes beyond bending on the mat. 

Yoganic offers classes for all levels, small groups and private class. If you are a HR or Occupational Management professional, Yoganic also has programs on Yoga for Corporate & Office workers on demand,


Meditation & Pranayama

In the Mindful Guided Meditation class you will learn how to connect your emotions, feelings and your breath to learn and experience the benefits of calming the mind and balancing your life.