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The Yogi Community in HK

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Moving Mind, Body, and Soul.

Moving Mind, Body, and Soul.

Moving Mind, Body, and Soul. Moving Mind, Body, and Soul.

The Yogi Instructor


Practice with Andrea

Discover an Asthanga based practice that will guide you to get wide knowledge of postures, emphasis on correct aligment and coordinated movement with your breath


Yoganic Method and Style

I started my Yoga journey 8 years ago and decided to go to India to immserse myself on its study. I learn this is a long-life path and I am here to share with you and help you go through this journey together.

I combine different styles according to different needs, we are all different and every human body is in essence unique from others. 

In the physical practice, Vinyasa is all about flow, Ashtanga is all about unfolding and Iyengar is all about alignment. My focus is on a well rounded practice integrating various styles and elements of traditional Yoga with a comprehensive and progressive method that will help you develop your own self practice and get a broader understanding about Yoga. 


Meditation & Pranayama

In the Mindful Meditation class you will learn how to connect your emotions, feelings and your breath to learn and experience the benefits of calming the mind and balancing your life through this practice.


Yoga For ALL

Yoga is for everybody! It doesn't matter if you are 'not flexible' or are completely new to it, the practice of Yoga goes beyond bending on the mat. 

Yoganic offers classes for all levels, small groups and private class. If you are a HR or Occupational Management professional, Yoganic also has programs on Yoga for Corporate & Office workers on demand,